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Re: Topaz PhotoFXLab

After taking the time to download the trial ... 420M is a BIG download for me! ... I installed it and started through the unusual registration process (even bypassing a WARNING screen indicating something about their security status being out of date) anyway I entered and wrote down the registration info and after finishing I went back to run the program this time entering my registration info of email address and password, not tough stuff, .... and the response I got ... "Account could not be verified" ... OK, LEt's try it again and again ... and ...

Screw it! I've wasted enough time on this new Topaz OFFERING. After the time wasted being kept from the first webinar I'd signed-up for and now this go round n round over a VERY SORRY registration process. My next step is to UN-INSTALL it and say heck with attending the next webinar.

TOPAZ you've lost a LOT of my goodwill on this fiasco!


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