5D3 Track and Field

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Re: 5D3 Track and Field

riknash wrote:

I'm surprised that you found the buffer performance poorer than the 7D when shooting RAW. My understanding was that the 5DIII had a similar buffer size to the 7D and at 6 fps instead of 8fps, therefore should have been longer than the 7D when using the same CF card. Also if you used a CF UDMA 7 card it was suggested that the RAW burst goes from 13 to 18 since four frames would have been written to the card prior to the first 13 frames filling the buffer and slowing down frame speed to that of the write speed to the CF card?

You are correct. 7D has 24 frames and 5D has a 17 frame buffer, so time wise it is about the same.

I have a fast 8 GB card, and slower 32 GB card, I just happened to have the 32 GB card in the camera that day so when buffer was full it slowed down drastically.

Still wish RAW buffer was longer though...

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