5D3 Track and Field

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Re: 5D3 Track and Field

Starkiller wrote:

The photos below 200mm focal length are sharper. Did you use a 70-200mm f2.8 with a 2x converter?

In my opinion the noise reduction is too much. You got rid off the noise, but the skin of the runners looks weird on the high ISO photos.

The closer in photos do not use the 2x converter. I agree that a couple of the photos look a little "plasticified". I attribute some of this to the high ISO processing for JPEGs in camera of the 5D3, it is being over aggressive. Some is a softening due to the 2x converter and imperfect focus. The only other PP was a +20 noise reduction I do in LR by default.

I found the same thing when I accidentally left the camera in JPEG mode and took some pictures of some birds the next day, I lost a lot of fine texture in the feathers on the chest. Switched back to RAW and this resolved the problem.

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