Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

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Re: Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

Tetchist wrote:

1) What's the story on the EVF? Is it worth the cost of admission? Anything I should be aware of? I'm specifically looking for any shortcomings or problems I need to be aware of.

IMO, yes. The EVF is amazing. Some say it doesn't accurately reflect what will be recorded in the image. I shoot RAW so this isn't an issue. The EVF is capable of letting me judge the exposure accurately enough.

If you manually focus lenses, I'd say it's a must have.

2) Speaking of the EVF - and this is a big question I have - I've read that the proximity sensor will keep it turned on and draining battery when the camera is hanging by your side and whatnot. Is there a solution to that? Because that sounds really...aggravating.

Yes it will drain the battery, and the solution is to turn the camera off when you're not using it.

3) What's the deal with the movie button? Apparently it ticks a lot of people off because it's quite easy to hit accidentally - what's the story there? Any workarounds, etc?

I'm in the set of people that's ticked off by it. There are some kludges to workaround this, but I'm hoping Sony is aware of the problem and will offer a firmware option to fix it.

4) How fast does the 7 turn on and off, and how fast does it 'wake up'?

Mines, pretty fast. It's slow with the Sigma lenses apparently.

5) Is there anything - and I mean anything - else that I should be aware of with the 7 in comparison to both the 3 and a standard DSLR? Something that I may have overlooked or not considered?

I upgraded from a NEX-5 and I can't think of anything that's worse.

Compared to a standard DSLR it's going depend which one. The major difference is the absence of a PDAF system in the NEX, but this can be rectified by adding the LA-EA2 if you need it. There's also the UI, but I find the tri-navi preferable to the DSLRs interfaces I've used, others don't.

There's no option to tether the NEX to a computer, and the Canon/Nikon systems are more comprehensive that the Sony/Minolta system (but this depends on what you do), and of course if you stick to only native lenses the selection is pretty limited. People also say that with big lenses a DSLR body is better balanced. I have lenses up to 550g, and I have no issues holding the camera with them; the NEX-7 grip works well for me. Perhaps bigger lenses are an issue.

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