Can 600D do HDR?

Started Mar 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
MikeFromMesa Senior Member • Posts: 2,849
Re: Yes, but ...

One of the nice things about the 60D is that it has a custom button that can be set to whatever settings you want. With it you could store all of the settings for HDR for the custom setting and just turn to it and back to turn HDR on and off. Unfortunately that is not available for the 600D. I wonder about the t4i that is supposed to be announced tomorrow.

I had the 5D3 for a couple of weeks and it has built-in HDR functionality, but I must say that it is not as useful as it sounds. First, you have to select a specific HDR style (natural, artistic, etc) and then, once you have taken the images and the camera has combined them, you cannot tell the camera to change the style for that combined shot. Once done, it is done and you can only change it on your computer. Given that I am always selecting between the different styles on my computer one pre-done style in-camera is only of limited use to me. The way I do HDR it is probably better for me to use computer based processing rather than camera based processing. Still it is very nice to have a single button (or wheel) that turns HDR on and off.

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