Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

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Re: Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

Wow, even X100 could blow away D700 by the IQ ! I thought X100 could just be close to D700. Could you show me some pictures, thanks. If X100 is that good, I would like to just get X100, to save some money and spend on lenses.

jerrycambuk wrote:

I was starting to wonder whether to sell my D700 having been blown away by the IQ and wonderful portability of the X100, and I'd been starting to have thoughts about an exchange of my Nikon gear to an X-pro 1. I started my photographic learning on my Mum's Leica M3 in the 70's and still love the rangefinder approach.

However, and this is a big however, since becoming a very happy X100 owner in early April, I've photographed both my Son's birthday party and yesterday a running event in central London, and on both occasions the D700 shows just what a fine 'mission specific' camera it is. When your subjects sit still and pose, or only move a little bit, the X100 and probably the X-Pro 1 are the way to go. When the action is full on and high speed, such as young children or athletics, the D700 fits the bill.

So, I'm stuck with my D700 (very happily) for the mid-term future, but I know which camera I'd rather lug around all day. Yesterday, in 26 degree heat, the D700 with 24-120 f4VR was a drag. The X100 is an absolute joy.

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