Why can't we just have one thread for all the "got mine" "shipping today" nonsense ?

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Re: Why can't we just have one thread for all the "got mine" "shipping

4x5 Guy wrote:

Do you really think that Joe Schmo, who I don't know and never will know, telling me that his camera shipped is socializing in any meaningful way?

People get excited admit it we all do. Tell me you don't open up the box and smell the new camera smell, feel the smooth textures on the body, pressing those crispy clean buttons for the first time. Inserting the brand new battery into the brand new camera with a shot count of 0..it's a huge turn on for some folks.

That's before they spend hours reading every bit of information about the camera, downloading the PDF manual and reading it all. And watching an unboxing of the D800 on youtube..

So here you go for all those waiting for their D800's you get to enjoy the unboxing videos!


I'm not shocked people make a forum post they want to share their excitement with others

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