NEX skin tones driving me crazy

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Re: Exposure and saturation

Nell27 wrote:

I like the 5n but would have trouble recommending it to anyone who liked to do people type pictures; especially if those pictures were going to be taken inside under incandescent lights. Now that, can get real ugly.

The funny thing is that was in this forum today mostly because I wanted to send a link to a friend who wants to upgrade from her P&S canon for her upcoming trip to Nepal. I'm recommending the 5N basic zoom kit to her.

I also talked another friend into getting one back before Christmas. His main interest was shots of his family, especially his daughter on her horse doing dressage and he absolutely loves the camera.

I can't comment about what Olympus and others have managed to do with their default jpeg styles but like I said, coming from the land of Canon Pink People, the 5N skin tones is hardly worth complaining about

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