Yosemite with a 7D?

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Re: Yosemite with a 7D?

Yosemite National Park is one of my favorite park, both in terms of hiking and photography, I hike there on average of 8-10 times a year.

I agree with everyone there is really no 'bad time" to visit there, you will just have different experience when you go different time of the year. But getting around can be an issue during winter months due to snow depending on the weather condition, for example last Nov, there was hardly any snow in the park during that time of the year, Tioga road was open and I spend almost a week up there hiking, and the year before was crazy during that time of the year and it was tons of snow and storm everyday during the same time period, and I was snowboarding up there instead that year, just let you know the weather can be very different from year to year these days. Anyway, As you already know, Tioga Road is normally closed, Glacier Point Road is normally closed during winter months, so you don't have access to a pretty big part of the park by car, ( of course you can always hike in in the snow if you like), but the park is big, even without those area, you still have quite a lot to see, the Yosemite valley, Mariposa Grove and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir area, all beautiful area and different from each others. even in winter time, you can do a little bit of hiking in the valley area if you want, Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall are few of them, you won't see much water during that time of the year but still a pretty fun hike, or walk around Mirror lake area if you want a easy one, or take a short hike at the mariposa grove to see some of the big trees.....you will have plenty of stuffs to do to kill few days easily.

As for lenses, I think you should bring both WA and telephoto, it's hard for us to suggest what you need because we don't know your style, I personally use WA a lot more than telephoto there, but that's just me.

here is few winter shots I have posted in this forum before:

And a few more from other time of the year:

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