Traveling for a year, looking for a new camera to take with me

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Re: Traveling for a year, looking for a new camera to take with me

sarcasticclaps wrote:

I will be traveling for a long while (about a year) and am looking to replace my dinky 3-year old point and shoot. I'll need a camera to accompany me on mountains, near rivers, on sand and around snow. Oh, and on concrete too.

What you want don't exist, unfortunately for a lot of people want something similar. At least 4x zoom, built in viewfinder, manual zoom and great image quality is difficult to find, particulary given your size and price restrictions. I'm not sure if you can find anything better than the X10, but here's som other options:

Personally I'd look at Panasonic FZ150 for a trip like you describe. It's a superzoomcamera, lots of zoom, bigger than a X10, but still fairly small. No manual zoom, but a pretty good user interface, pretty good on video and good IQ for this type of camera. It's not a camera I'd choose if I wanted to sell pictures though, but if the images are unique the the technical quality isn't that important.

A step up from FZ150 would be the Panasonic G3. It's a system camera and one of the smallest ones with a built in viewfinder and the price is fairly good. The kit zoom is only 3x though and Panasonic's smallest 3x zoom might bring it over $800. Still, check it out, and see if you like it or if it's too large.

Another option is Nikon P7100, 7x zoom, good IQ for a compact, but fairly large and heavy for what you get. Canon G12 is similar, slightly better user interface IMO, but with less zoom.

Weatherproof: IMO overrated by many. Sure I'd like a waterproof model if I didn't have to sacrifice anything else, but generally I do. Most cameras can take some dust or moisture without breaking and I'd rather have good camera and be a bit careful with it than getting a weatherproof model with poorer IQ.

Btw, Olympus E-M5 is weatherproof, comes with a 4x zoom, but might be too large and probably too expensive even if you could find one before you leave.

There are lots of other possibilites too, and new models coming out all the time, but nothing that really fits what you want.

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