Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

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Re: Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

Tetchist wrote:

Well, now that the 7's have been out in the wild for a bit, I'm considering actually getting one as an upgrade to the NEX-3 I'm currently in possession of. A few questions/concerns, though:

1) What's the story on the EVF? Is it worth the cost of admission? Anything I should be aware of? I'm specifically looking for any shortcomings or problems I need to be aware of.

I think it is OK. One disadvantage is the fact that I use my left eye, so I get a greasy imprint from my nose on the LCD. Another disadvantage is the fact that I am highly sensitive to flickering. I see 60Hz CRT screens flicker. Or LED backlights from cars. And I also see flickering in the EVF of the Sony NEX-7 - especially in bright areas.

But all in all I still think it is OK.

2) Speaking of the EVF - and this is a big question I have - I've read that the proximity sensor will keep it turned on and draining battery when the camera is hanging by your side and whatnot. Is there a solution to that? Because that sounds really...aggravating.

Not an issue. I always turn the camera off after shooting. In the first minutes it turns on faster than from a longer period of being off.

3) What's the deal with the movie button? Apparently it ticks a lot of people off because it's quite easy to hit accidentally - what's the story there? Any workarounds, etc?

Yes you will hit it without wanting it. It is in a problematic spot. Especially if you have a have lens attached or a flash.

But so what? You normally see it immediately and switch it off. Every now and then I delete the video sequences of a couple of seconds.

It is annoying, but not a disaster.

4) How fast does the 7 turn on and off, and how fast does it 'wake up'? The NEX-3, which I am using now, is quite slow to turn on and wake up. Some of the DSLR's I've used in the past were ready to go almost instantaneously after hitting the on switch, and would 'wake up' from their sleep mode just as fast. Is the 7 there in terms of speed?

It is definitely not instantly. About 3 seconds from cold start. It switches off within a minute. A warm start (switching on after recently switching off) takes about a second.

5) Is there anything - and I mean anything - else that I should be aware of with the 7 in comparison to both the 3 and a standard DSLR? Something that I may have overlooked or not considered?

I don't know the 3. But I really really like the NEX-7.

If you are an elder person the NEX-7 can be very confusing as it does not feature presets. The camera menu is a jungle.

But if you shoot a lot in scene modes or full auto, that should not be an issue.

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