* * * Challenge #186 -- Ell Composition * * *

Started Jun 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
BarryRS Contributing Member • Posts: 880
Sounds great, Zin

I'm pretty sure I've never used this idea when composing a shot so I'll have to look and see if I've ever done it without thinking (which is something I do a lot of)

By the way, I think the introductory text which gets copied and pasted from one challenge to the next may need a bit of editing next time round since it refers to 750 by 750 pixel shots implying that the entries should be square (this probably originated from one of the challenges where they did have to be square). I'm guessing that you didn't intend that here but it might be confusing to anybody who's new to these challenges.

Congratulations on your fine entry in the previous challenge, by the way



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