Yosemite with a 7D?

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Re: Yosemite with a 7D?

ktownbill wrote:

I noticed that you are from AUS? If this is your only trip to California then you definitely must visit Sequoia National Park about a 4hr drive south of Yosemite. Ck it out on Google Images. If you go there make sure you check the weather for possible snow showers. Generally there is no snow there in Nov.

Maybe. But the choice isn't quite the slam-dunk you make it out to be.

First, I'm a big fan of SEKI. I've visited the place for decades and spent months or more all told on the back-country trails there. I'm especially fond of the very high country in the upper Kern River drainage, but there are other really astonishing things in this park.

However, if one is at all limited as to visiting time, coming in California, and not prepared for some difficult-weather back-country travel... I still have to say that it might not be a great idea to give up part of a short stay in The Valley in order to drive down to the wonderfulness that is SEKI, especially in November.


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