Eye Cup Replacement for D800?

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Re: Eye Cup Replacement for D800?

Just got the Hoodman, it is really good. I am going out this afternoon to get a feel for the camera with it.


studio460 wrote:

Every camera I have is fitted with a Hoodman eyecup:

• HEYEN22R 22mm round for D4/D3/D800/D700 bodies.
• HEYEN22S 22mm square for most Nikon DX bodies.

For FX bodies, I also use the Nikon DK17M 0.2x magnifying eyepiece, which magnifies your viewfinder by 20 percent. Installing the Hoodman eyecup on top of the DK17M doesn't make for a perfect fit, but it does stay on.

I highly recommend both Hoodman eyecups, over their Nikon equivalents. The Nikon DK19 rubber eyecup for D4/D3/D800/D700 bodies has an incredibly annoying propensity to "fold inside-out" every time the eyecup gets flattened (e.g., when resting against your body), forcing you to "flip it" back out. The Hoodman never does this.

The Nikon DX eyecup always falls off. The Hoodman doesn't, and clicks securely onto DX bodies' rectangular eyepiece. Also, the Hoodman eyecups are larger and more comfortable. Plus, they're still functional in portrait mode, even though they don't rotate.

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