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Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,828

I was tempted to say the boy's chin is coloured by the relected light from the grass but it does look a little bit too yellow ... but it could simply be 'right' but less than 'nice'.

Then this ;

Bonchef wrote:

I have since moved to GX1 and like it very much. But I can also confirm its colors misbehave in certain lighting conditions, e.g. when flash is used but cannot quite cover the subject. The weird things though are 1) it does not affect the whole picture but only area of the picture and 2) the raw looks just fine.

I hope the thread continues and someone can post examples of selective 'off' colour, that's a very interesting observation.

( In a very short in-shop test I compared my G1 (tweaked WB & film mode) to a standard G3 and preferred my G1 ... overall 'nicer' colour results.)

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