TG-1 Taiwanese test report

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Re: TG-1 Taiwanese test report

RAMSII wrote:


Tested mine at lunch today. After pushing pwr button, I counted 2 seconds to take a shot. You have to be careful where you leave your settings and zoom, however, because the camera remembers previous settings. If you have zoomed the lens the last time you used the camera in a particular mode, the camera will return to that position if in the same mode before you can take a shot. It also remembers timer settings. I believe settings are remembered specifically for each mode. I know for sure, it remembers them for P mode and those settings do not carry over to other modes.


I just tested my TG-1 outside. I was able to move my finger from the on/off button and immediately take a picture. Elapsed time between turning the camera on (from full power off, not sleeping) and snapping the picture was around 1 second. Picture was in focus and looked good.

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