I think I may use DX mode a lot with D800

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Re: I think I may use DX mode a lot with D800

I agree completely. This is a versatile tool, with several powerful options. Both the DX mode and the 1.2 crop are great options, like having 3 cameras in one. Literally.

I've already got several hundred images taken at full 36 mp, and they're wonderful. BUT -- they're huge! And they're quickly filling up my storage. Even though I have a total of 6 TB, if you add in a bunch of mammoth PSD files, that seemingly huge storage will be gone before I'd like.

Also, even though I have a fast, new computer, pp in PS CS6 is nowhere near as fast. When I do shoot DX mode, it's like old times for speed. But to get all tha phenomenal detail, and it is phenomenal, there's a price to pay. And I don't always need to see the veins in every blade of grass.

So I'm also going to make extensive use of this camera's power and versatility, and judge which shots should be full-tilt, and others, like family snaps, will do just fine at 15.4 mp DX. With better ISO and DR than my D200, which was quite good for family snaps.

So, overall, it's win-win-win. Three excellent cameras in one. I'm still sooo thrilled to have this amazing camera.
Tom B

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