Nikon V1 vs RX100 (downsampled)

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Re: Arbitrary comparison technique

Jared Huntr wrote:

  • I have have been playing with RAW from the J1/V1 and am impressed with the improved detail compared to in-camera JPG

all prints i made were from the raw files..and i agree that the J1 raw files are very good, IMHO, the lenses still dont make the full potential of the system.

  • Are most people printing ISO 3200 enlargements? Is this really a common use case?

cant speak for others, i printed only lowest iso available from each camera.

  • Again, does the difference in detail impact your enjoyment of the image at normal viewing distances or is this an academic excercise?

No, of course it doesnt...but i like all photos....the only problem is that we usually think a photo is great without comparing to something else..just it.

No one had commented on color. I have noticed that some cameras do not render colors naturally, and I'm not talking about saturation etc. Some cameras exhibit certain color casts (e.g. Panasonic's tendency for magenta) or yellow tinted skin tones or unnatural foliage grenn. I have a Nikon dSLR and I like how Nikon maintains the same neutral color behaviors across their models

Funny, my DSRL is a nikon, and i wouldnt change for any other dsrl comes close to nikon, IMO....but, i dont like the warm default colors i get from it....

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