Why do m4/3 shooters feel threated so by "Equivalence" ???

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Re: Why do m4/3 shooters feel threated so by "Equivalence" ???

In my experience, every time a new ft/mft camera comes out this equivalence (mas)debate fires back up, and the first shot fired is in regard to (narrow) DOF and noise control, and how smaller formats are inferior to larger formats.

So my observation would be that it starts with 35mm backers pointing out the "inferiority" of ft/mft( and also in the smaller sensor fuji forums), and the stupidity ensues from there.

To be fair I dont visit the other sub forums too often, but I dont imagine that the "mid sized"(ft/aps-c) sensor lot head over to the compact/j1 forums to tell them how crap their sensors are, nor the medium format crowd in the 35mm forums. Others can tell me if I'm wrong in this assumption.

I think all of these forums are also full of armchair pros and straight up sociopaths that have little better to do with their time, so it pays not to let alot of the noise get to you, as frustrating as it can be.

Thank god the debate is in it's final throws for now, until the next camera announcement anyway. The FT forum is quite a nice place at the moment, as none of this crap has been in there for a while.

On reflection, if I had, say, a nikon J1 as well as my ft gear, I would rather stab myself in the eye with a hot poker than write 10000 words on a forum thread trying to extol the virtues of a larger format, or even more antisocially, trying to convince the forum members how crap the smaller sensor is in relation to the other, no matter how seemingly deluded they were.

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