Street Photography by Rail

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Re: Street Photography by Rail

Kidraver wrote:

Well i guess you have to be a bit of a voyeur to be a photographer anyway, but for capturing normal people doing normal things the railways are the best source, as for being pervy, thats not even relevant, finding fault with the image is ok, finding fault with people you do not even know is just being a downer.

Nice image i like it! For your comment I also agree within limits. His reaction to constructive criticism also makes me question his motives.

dick wrote:

malabito wrote:

I think quite a few are not focus correctly. Also something seems to be missing as an intresting scene or something, they seem like regular snapshots.

If your objective is to have 100% perfect photos, you are correct. I am interested in the subject and if the image is less than perfect, I don't care.

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