Yosemite with a 7D?

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Re: Yosemite with a 7D?

cambomj wrote:

I know a good photographer can just about use anything but I do sometimes feel restricted in width and do not wish to be caught wanting in such a remarkable environment. I like the thought of the Canon 10-22mm, and the price of the Sigma 10-20 seems right but I just don't know and I am keen to hear some thoughts and your recommendations.

There are just two EF-S lenses I care about, the 17-55 and the 10-22. I own the 17-55 and although I'm currently focussing on wildlife and birds, the 10-22 sits high on my wishlist of lenses. It's supposed to be a very high quality ultra-wide angle with very good distortion characteristics.

Personally I dislike third party alternatives (except maybe Tokina), so I won't comment on the Sigma. There are two versions of the Sigma 10-20, btw. A constant f/3.5, and a variable f/4-5.6.

If finances allow you, I think the 10-22 will be a great addition for Yosemite.

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