Snsor size for Auto 110?

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Re: Snsor size for Auto 110?

ET2 wrote:

JacobSR wrote:

You'r right, Sony products are designed by electronics engineers with marketing in mind, while Pentax cameras are mostly designed by photographers with only the love of photography in mind.

Yeah, like K01 and Q

Frankly, I am not a fan of any of the two, and already told about the former, but what is so wrong with Q?

Isn't it a lovely little jewel for pocket sized cameras, that by event and at the cost of an adapter, also lets you use your "ordinary" DA 55 300 as a supertele zoom with good keepers? Where DOF isn't an issue...

And, by the way, we shall all remember that this is still everything comming from Hoya's previous plans. Even the forthcoming K5 replacement should come from there, if I am not wrong...

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