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Re: sigma 100-300 f4

Rutgerbus wrote:

I suggest you should do some research on this forum before you buy the lens.
I heared that it is not trully a 300mm lens but more to 280mm.

This is news to me. However, it may be possible. Maybe I should test this against other 300mm lenses I have.

If that is true you would be better of with 70-200 2.8 + 1.4 TC which is about the same $$ (or maybe 1.7 for more reach but then you lose an extra stop)

Very unlikely. Considering new prices, (which is not really relevant as both the Sigma and the MkI (VRI) Nikon have been discontinued) The Nikon combination is about 80% more expensive. In Australian dollar terms the difference is about $1,000. Not insignificant.

If you buy all items second hand then the difference could be about $800. Sill a lot of money.

Now if you want to consider the MkII version of the Nikon lens (VRII), then the difference wil be more than double.

In any case, your statement of "which is about the same $$" is way off the mark.

It will provide you with either a 98-280mm f4 lens or 119-340mm f5.6 which will be better IQ wise

Very unlikely that that the Nikon with the TC14 will be better than the Sigma on its own. The Nikon MkII might come close. I don't know as I don't have and have never tried this lens.

and close focussing I think.....maybe I'm wrong here because I don't own both of those lensen.

The MkI Nikon will goive you slightly more magnification with the TC14 (1:4.36) than the Sigma on its own (1:5.00). The Nikon MkII is not a very good perfrm in this regard. Even with the TC14 its magnification os only 1:5.95.

Have seen the 100-300 f4 in the shop though and it looks pretty impressive

It was recently discountinued, so I think you were lucky to see a new one in the shop. However, yes, it is a nicely made lens.

You can get lots of info on all of these lenses (among many other places) on the Photozone website, which I find very consistent and reliable. Here are some links:

The Sigma tested on a DX Nikon D200

The Nikon MkI tested on a DX Nikon D200:

The Nikon MkI tested on an FX Nikon D3x, including with TC adapters:

The Nikon MkII tested on an FX Nikon D3x:

Good luck with your research.

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