for d800 landscapes: zeiss 21 vs. nikkor 16-35

Started Jun 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: for d800 landscapes: zeiss 21 vs. nikkor 16-35

I use a the Zeiss MAcro Planars 50mm & 100mm as well as the 25mm f2.0 Biogon and considered long and hard Nikkor glass... but, for MY style of work, and my history, the MF is not an issue... what is an issue is the better micro-contrast and colour rendition from lens to lens...

For pure landscape the 21mm Zeiss is THE lens... vignetting is the easiest aberration of all to correct in most RAW workflows... and you can EASILY fit filters to the lens...

But, if you are going to be doing general photography the range and AF would be beneficial... for me I have to dercide between the 15mm Zeiss & the 21mm Zeiss or the 14-24... the Nikkor route is much cheaper... but, then again, lenses normally outlive five or six generations of cameras for me... so not really an issue...

Look around and try to get hold of the lenses to do tests for yourself... make your decisions and get out and shoot...


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