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Re: X10 | Blown out red colors can be restored...hi Var.(new)

Hi Gary, I too, have a vast difference showing in the two images. My monitor is calibrated with a Monitor Spyder, and is re calibrated every 28 days. It must be your calibration that needs attention if you cannot see a difference. How is the old S602 holding up, I really miss mine. I'm researching a new bridge cam now, to replace my DSLR kit. I was hoping that the XS-1 would have been better than it is, but the build quality has put me off.

Gary N W wrote:

Hi my friend I just responded to Kim L. You could read about my monitors, video cards and overall computer facts. If you see a big difference then that is good. Sorry to report that I still no not see much improvement whatsoever here.

Best, Gary N W SFO

PhotOptimist wrote:

Gary, I can see very well a difference between the two images on my screen.
Thanks for your comment, my friend.

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Have a good day.
Regards Allan

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