FF vs APS-C vs 4/3 (mFT) vs compacts vs cell phones at base ISO

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Re: OK -- question.

Peter 13 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

OK, but what I'm asking is if there's not an "optimum" conversion for System A using Converter A and for System B using Converter B (or even Converter A, if Converter A gives the "optimum" conversion for both).

Define "optimum". For some time, I was convinced that DXO Optics Pro was the best converter for my RAWs. Then I decided that LR was the best. It is subjective.

That is, can't we get a "valid" MTF-50 score for a cross-system comparison that does not unfairly disadvantage one system over the other?

No, theoretically, but I also think that the differences are not as significant as some people believe, with LR. This is based on playing with RAWs of many cameras, pushing them to the limits, and beyond that. I think that Adobe has a good sense of what is "optimal" for each sensor.

DPP is a different thing. Sharpness and NR strength (with the same numbers) changes from version to version or body to body; and even now, the same NR numbers act very differently on 5D2 and 5D3 files.

I would have hoped that such is exactly what PZ and DPR were doing, but people seem to have a contrary opinion on that. I mean, why would DPR or PZ convert in a manner that unfairly favored one system over the other?

They do not do it to be unfair, there is just no other way. DPR use ACR, which is good (IMO) but PZ's conversion remains a mystery, to me, at least.

OK, another question: are the converters so radically different that we're seeing huge differences in MTF-50 scores? I would find that hard to believe. I would think 10% at most, and more likely 5%. But I'm just pulling numbers out of thin air here, based on my expectation that the people who write these converters are competent at what they do.

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