Pentax K5 VERSUS Panasonic FZ 150

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Re: Pentax K5 VERSUS Panasonic FZ 150

I have and use both these cameras. Yes, the image quality is different as expected, the K-5 blows the little Panny away. I have been shooting wildlife and landscapes with the Pentax for over a year and have been very satisfied with it.

Why did I buy the FZ150? It takes great 1080p movies with great stereo sound along with my Rode mic attached to the top. The little thing renders very good movies with AF during the filming. It is light and easy to use, much more so than my K5 with my big Sigma 500mm attached.

Whenever I go to the desert to shoot wild horses, I always take both the Pentax and the Panasonic. Pentax shoots the stills and the Panny does the movies.

Most of us are quite aware of the photos that the Pentax K5 can put out with a good artist at the controls. And I would state the the Panny has been equally capable and very versatile with an extensive feature set that most of us will never tap into.

Even the single frame stills extracted from the movies show great detail, especially in good light.

I will not soon move on to a camera to replace either of the two. Most of the images in my gallery were shot with the K5 and there are also many single frame stills from the Panasonic in there also. Take a look if you have time.

DB Young

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