Panasonic to buy a stake in Olympus

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Re: Panasonic to buy a stake in Olympus

It isn't uncommon for both brands to survive intact after a merger. They can just share technology, fabrication, research etc, but still have competing brands. Also if Olympus was such a strong camera brand, I don't see them needing funds. Panasonic has plenty of history in the Camera business over the last decade. JMHO.

I would like to see Pana and Oly cooperate more in the camera business lines, but really want to see them continue with two competing brands. They have two different approaches to bodies and lenses, makes for nice choices.

bobn2 wrote:

Atlasman wrote:

If this partnership or whatever should come through, it would be in Panasonic's best interest to allow the Olympus brand to carry on—the m4/3 format has greater strength with both supplying capturing systems.

My own thinking is that if Panasonic were to end up taking over Olympus completely, it would be the Olympus camera brand that would survive rather than Lumix. Whatever one might think it is a much stronger brand name for optical products, and Panasonic's interest would be using the strongest brand name they could. As to which the products would be, anyone's guess, but I can't see two distinct parallel product lines continuing.

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