Merry-go-around for play

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Re: Merry-go-around for play

Looks great, thanks for the play and detailed walkthrough! Will have to try some of these effects you mentioned. Gotta learn some new tricks What's D&B?

walking dude wrote:

Nice photo and cute girl, Joe. I enjoyed working on this.

Used CS5 Pixel Bender and then erased effect on eyes, mouth, nose & jewelry, duplicate layer and increase vibrance and saturation, create snapshot and into Topaz Simplify oil paint, changed layer blend mode to soft light and masked out effect on face and arms, D&B on hair and eyes, snapshot again and added sandstone and oil canvas texture, masked face and arms at 50% to decrease effect, snapshot and add bevel & emboss, add blank layer and used an X shaped brush to add a barely visible twinkle catchlight to her eyes.


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