Not excited about my D800

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Re: Not excited about my D800 & D4 Video Sharpness

well as I stated before, my little Sony NEX 5N has 1080p/60fps, but it is not a full frame.
so are you saying that D4 video is much better than that on D800?

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In low light capability, yes, and certainly the video evidence from guys like Corey Rich and Joe McNally show it to be very good. I quoted Coreys email to me in my last post. If the video is soft, they didn't see that and their videos confirm their findings.

If there really is a softness problem then I think its fixable, either now or very shortly. I have my gripes with Nikon but I think if they are as smart as I hope they are they will sort any issues out that they can. Going back to what someone else was saying earlier, 36 Megs was a waste of space. I think it was a mistake that nikon made simply because they are so obviously trying to break into the pro video market with their dslrs and 36megs is a low light killer as far as I understand it. I plugged the D800 into a 46 inch sony bravia hd screen and tried some very low light shots. I found that the only way to get something barely acceptable ( without specially lighting the scene) i.e. the limit of what might be acceptable was at an iso of 3200 at f2.8. The problem for me is that for most very low light scenes I don't want to shoot at f2.8. Sometimes I would like to have a hi f-stop. F2.8 is too extreme for most scenes. As an average i would shoot at f5.6 - f8. So I'm going for the d4 which might not be perfect but will be a serious improvement. If I have any money left I will seriously consider adding the Black Magic camera. As for your NEX 5N, I'm told its a superb piece of kit. In the film industry audiences will accept a less than perfect picture but they will not accept poor sound quality which is odd as films are a visual medium.

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