Nikon Capture NX 2

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Re: Nikon Capture NX 2

I think the (Hers and others) confusion lies in her summation. As others have said, If you want to preserve the in-camera settings, settings which you might have spent a fair bit of time refining, then NX2 will preserve those settings. If you don't care about picture controls, sharpening etc. in-camera, then you can use pretty much any RAW converter and begin your PP from there.

For me, I always go through NX2. Sometimes my PP will stop there and images will be saved off as jpeg's. Other times, I may go through NX2 just to preserve the in-camera settings and then save off the file as a tiff to then go to PS for more specific PP.

If you skip NX2, then don't sweat any of the in-camera picture controls, sharpening hues etc.

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