X-Pro1 help/advice

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X-Pro1 help/advice

Here is my dilemma that I’m hoping some of the genuine people on this forum I hope can help me with.

I need an interim camera for work (product, interior and the odd portrait – typically focal lengths are 24 and 50mm) until the D800 comes more widely available here in the UK (which will probably be next year) that I can then use as a personal camera for my own use later. I’m thinking of either a Nikon d7000 or the Fuji X-Pro1

Why the X-Pro1 – well, very interested in the up coming M-Mount as that could possibly open up the options to some fantastic lenses though a little nervous of how the focusing will work.... Also, very interested in the potential detail that the sensor seems to resolve.

However, I used to own an X100 (my own personal use) and got rid of it due to it suffering the sticky blades (can’t fault Fuji customer service though) and missed loads of shots due to focus errors – though I believe that the new firmware has made large improvements in this area.

So, my questions are for actual owners:

How bad is the focus on the X-Pro1 – I’ve read reports that the manual focus is just as bad as the X100 was or example? I do use manual focus a lot inc. zone focusing for event photography.

Speed, i.e. shutter lag, card write times etc? Does it clunk along, sort of M8 speed or is it a lot better than the X100

Is the aperture chatter that seem to plague the camera went it first came out still such an issue (I’m referring to reports here not first hand knowledge)?

Your honest opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS. Just in case you are interested, I had looked at the OM-D and the NEX but the OM-D didn’t feel right in my hands and I personally (my opinion) don’t think it is work the current asking price, as for the NEX didn’t like the viewfinder, too me it just seemed small and dark especially when I compared it to my old X100 – again just my opinion.

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