Canon 7D noise problem

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Re: Canon 7D noise problem

yea I agree its kind of strange on Canon's part, if they charged for their software I could kind of understand although not agree! but its free and to be honest is faster to use then NX2 which is very slow and dated.

but I am just not going to move away from Lightroom manly because I only brought LR4 a few months ago and it is not cheap (worth it). Do Canon relies that some people will go with the score that DXO gives the Camera?

TTMartin wrote:

I'm not sure why Canon does, as they give you DPP for free. Nikon does also and charges a large sum for their NX2 software to get the best from their RAW.

It would seem that either Nikon licsensed their RAW format to DXO or DXO managed to decode the encrypted portions, as Nikon doesn't seem to have the same issues at DXO as Canon does.

Since DXO sells their own RAW converter they have nothing to lose by rating Canon cameras lower. Either Canon licsenses DXO their propritary code which makes the DXO converter better and more valuable or DXO rates them lower.

Encephalartos wrote:

with regards to using DPP I will give it a go although I am a little reluctant due to how much I love lighroom. but I can completely understand how the Canon software would bring the best out within their sensors. I never know that about DXO mark though and canon encrypting their Sensors or well features on them. I do not see why they do mind you.

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