Canon 7D noise problem

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Re: Canon 7D noise problem

OK tried what you said and I must it does not really help noise that much but really makes the picture "pop" quite impressive really! thanks for the tip looks like I am going to try and experiment with that pannel more often now and see what I get.

with regards to using DPP I will give it a go although I am a little reluctant due to how much I love lighroom. but I can completely understand how the Canon software would bring the best out within their sensors. I never know that about DXO mark though and canon encrypting their Sensors or well features on them. I do not see why they do mind you.

photocbe wrote:

I use a canon 600d with the 17-40, so the more or less the same sensor.
I use lightroom to develop.
Copy my sharpening settings:

  • amount 50

  • radius 1,0

  • detail 25

  • masking 0

noise reduction:

  • luminance 20

  • detail 100

  • contrast 0

  • color 25

  • detail 50

You will notice sharper pics with less noise. Try it, and please let me know if this helps!!!

Encephalartos wrote:

Hello this is my first time posting to the Canon forum, two weeks ago tomorrow I brought a 7D along with 3 lenses (100mm 2.8 L, 17-40 f4 L and 50mm 1.4). so far I am very happy with the camera and I am impressed with its performance. I have come from a D7000 that got stolen a few weeks ago.

But I seem to be having a problem with low ISO noise, I only shoot in RAW and then load the files into LR4 this is where I notice the problem manly in the sky or other lighter areas. One thing that I have done is enable highlight tone priority, from what I have read is that it is very effective at preventing the highlights from being “clipped”. Manly of the subjects I shoot can be quite prone to highlight clipping such as Rhododendron flowers.

I have attached an image that was taken in raw and converted to JPEG using lightroom without any correction being applied but there is considerable noise in the sky. I am not sure if this is a 7D thing (maybe not!) but a HTP thing. Any advice would be much appreciated? The picture as taken in aperture priority if its any help?
If I am not using the right setting what would any of you recommend?


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