Nikon's winning ways! or 24mp DX revisited :)

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Kerry Pierce
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Nikon's winning ways! or 24mp DX revisited :)

Well, Nikonrumors had an interesting article proclaiming that the Nikon d3200 is the 2nd best APS-C sensor ever made and the 10th best sensor of all time, according to DXOmark.

The d3200 was given an overall rating of 81. The only APS-C sized sensor rated better was the Pentax K5 with a rating of 82. Incidentally, the DXOmark list in the article also showed the Nikon d3s having an overall score of 82, as does the MF Pentax 645d. Now, there is some heavy competition, so that d3200 must be something magical indeed.

The #3 overall sensor on the list belongs to the Nikon d4, which has a sensor rating of 89, only 8 points higher than the d3200 sensor. Amazingly, 8 of the top 10 highest rated sensors have scores in the 80 range. The only 2 higher than 80 are the #1 camera, the Nikon d800 with an overall score of 95 and the 81mp medium format, Phase One IQ180 Digital Back, with an overall score of 91.

So, that seems like very good news for the d300 users who are looking for an upgrade. It would appear that no matter what sensor Nikon chooses to put in the d400, so long as it is made with the same or better technology as the d3200, we'll be in hog heaven! Certainly, Nikon would not put an inferior sensor into the d400 than it is using in a consumer camera, would it? Nah. That's probably why it's taken so long to update the d300. They're working hard to make sure we get a TOL sensor.

The Good Times, they are a coming!!


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