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Re: Upgrades aren't really about the sensor

Kabe Luna wrote:

Telefoto wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

So you're happier with your $8,000 camera than you would be with our $3300 cameras. Good to know.

For $3300, the D800 couldn't have had dual CF card slots, making it compatible with every previous FX body and 95% of all Nikon DSLRs?

Not every FX body. The D700, which shares its form factor and configuration, only had a single CF slot.

Compatible means you aren't forced to buy into a new standard, you can stick with the one in use since DSLRs dawned.

Personally, I'm happy to have the addition of CF cards. Now I don't always have to bring along a card reader since SDs slot right into my laptop.

I assume you meant the addition of SD cards. I've yet to hear a strong rationale as to why SD mixed with CF helps, although you mention one, SD card readers are far more common than CF readers. Fair enough, but consider, with the left hand Nikon gives us SD in the D800, unlooked for, confusing, while with the right they give us XQD in the D4, signaling that SD is not the future. So now how is SD a smart choice for the D800 again?

For $3300, the D800 couldn't have retained the AF mode switch making it compatible with virtually all Nikon SLRs of the past quarter century?

Nikon figured out a better way to do this, and it's one that I am quite happy about. The new switch is far less prone to accidental changes in setting, and now I can select AF mode with my eye to the finder.

In 20 years I've never accidentally changed the AF mode switch, nor heard any single complaint along these lines.

If this really is a deal breaker for you, I suppose you have bought your last Nikon DSLR, because even the D4 has the new system. I doubt Nikon will be going back to the old way. Don't know where you'd go, though. Canon has an even greater reliance on buttons than the new Nikons, with less in-finder feedback. Ditto Sony. Pentax, I believe, still has the AF mode switches. But no full frame and a skimpy lens lineup. Dang it!!

Indeed, I am concerned. Hence the need to post in forums like this one and at least try to get the word out. In any case, let's keep some perspective. None of these items I mentioned is by itself a deal breaker, it's the totality of them that I was using to make my point that the sensor itself is probably strongly outweighed by all the other features a new DSLR brings to the table for people who already own late model DSLRs. In this light, something like FPS is huge, as is shots per battery charge, etc, yet Nikon with these 2012 releases has IMO rather passive aggressively taken a posture that only the sensor should be considered in purchase decisions, and we should all ignore that man behind the curtain there of all the peripheral features they fairly randomly chose to mess with. A new card standard supported by a single vendor was bad enough, but then to release your second new FX body and ignore that new card standard? As Thom Hogan suggested, anyone who knows how corporations operate can smell the screw ups in all this.

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