Could this be the Nikon D400 ?

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Re: Limit is not expeed 3

bobn2 wrote:

David314 wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

I think we have been over this, expeed 3 is not the limit

I think it is.

Seriously, you think the v1 has a special pipeline?

Yes, although not special for the V1. the EXPEEDs are Fujitsu Milbeaut chips, designed for camcorders. I think the V1 uses the video pipeline on that chip, but I think its only 12 bits.

Expeed is an ASIC that has Milbeaut image processors along with 32 bit general purpose processor

your special pipeline might exist to get data OFF and into the sensor, and into the Expeed 3 ASIC,

it doesn't change the fact it (EXPEED 3) is processing 600 mpix per second

are you saying there is some special super duper processing algorithm or hardware unit in the Nikon 1 Expeed 3 processor that can't be put into the Expeed 3 for the D400?

The reasons dslrs are slow is the mirror and focus system

Mut if Canon can make that faster, so can Nikon. I think the current EXPEED puts a cap on full 14 bit mode.

You really think Sony with the a77 at 12 fps really has that much of an advantage in processing over Nion's expeed 3?

it does not change the fact that the A77 is processing 12 fps at 24 mpix

let us imagine there is such a thing as a video pipeline from the A77 sensor to the image processor

and Nikon can't use this magic because? They obviously possess the magic because they have it in the Nikon 1

See above, I think it's using a video pipeline. I think if there had not been a data processing limit, Nikon would have gone for more than 16MP in the D4.

I think there were other reasons, like video quality,

I do not think it is a coincidence that there is a CX 1:1 crop mode

and Nikon obviously possess the technology, witness the Nikion 1, to handle more data with their speciall video pipeline, whatever that is, and so why didn't they put it into the D4?

No, I think it is pretty apparent that processing the data is not the bottleneck in

you should read this interview also, Nikon 1 has 24 channels of outpus, twice that of the D3 and processing is five times as fast

I don't see any mention of a video pipeline - but all sarcasm aside, can you explain what you really mean by that term and why you think it would be different?

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