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tedolf wrote:

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Hey Tedolf,

Really, to get somebody on the path to learning, occoasionally you have to first remove self-delusion.

No one elected me to fix them, but as an educator, I completely agree with you in principle. However, it's only in a very rare situation that removing self-delusion is the first thing I do. Have you found that effective for others?

No, usually the self-deluded are incapable of introspection.

I know a few people like that and they are very ill. Few in my experience are truly incapable of introspection.

So it is a Sisipheaon task.

In objective tasks, e.g. climbing a wall on an obstacle course, pole valulting, etc. self delusion is not possible. In more subjective things, e.g. art-it is not only possible, it is common.


Strengthfinder is about leading from strengths, evaluating in order to build other's strengths, and discovering new strengths. And strengths are not always what you are good at, but what makes you feel amazing while doing them. Some people say they believe this, but in the end they simply try to give a positive spin on working on other's weaknesses. They start referring to weaknesses as "growth potentials" or other such nonsense.

But what if you really don't have any strenghts?

Do you mean that the person has no strengths or that certain photographs stink?

I mean Photoperzon.

Now I am confused. What does Photoperzon have to do with this thread? I don't see any posts above by him/her.

A lot of peole who are self taught are in that boat.

What boat? Think about all the people who get an "education" in their hobby of choice. First of, what's the purpose of teaching yourself any hobby?

Well if you keep to yourself, self enjoyment. Period. .

Only if you keep to yourself? I don't agree.

If you post here and and request C&C, that is different.

And, they have a lot of bad habits to unlearn.

Is it possible to teach one's self good habits as well?

this is very difficult. Occasionally, someone is just an artistic genius and there is nothing that they need to be taught. For most of us, being self taught is a road to disaster, and is certiantly not an optimal way to learn.

I also disagree with this. Optimal learning can most certainly be self-discovery. This type learning tends to be more intrinsic and at the least should be combined with being "others-taught."


I wouldn't want to be the patient of a surgeon who was self taught or drive over a bridge designed by a civil engineer who was self taught, fly in a an airplane, etc.

Should I go on?

Nope. I thought we were talking about hobbies. What you have described above are jobs where others lives are dependent on the performance of the professional and are not done legally without a licence. This is the furthest thing from my mind when writing responses above.

I've never had formal training in most of my hobbies; my profession is another story and I fully agree with you on the importance of expert formal training and certification standards for careers where people's lives or futures are on the line.


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What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?


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