7D, 60D, Rebel T3i in terms of IQ only

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Re: 7D, 60D, Rebel T3i in terms of IQ only


I've got the talent (been shooting for over twenty years), and some decent glass (the favorite lens I currently own is the 135/2L), and a pair of tried and true 20D's. But the bodies are old and beginning to fail, so my thought was to "upgrade" (sensor-wise) to the T3i/60D/7D sensor and purchase a 35/1.4L.

I shot for awhile with the 5DM2, and loved the full frame, but didn't see a big enough improvement in IQ to warrant the $1600 premium over the Rebel T3i. I believe the 35L will make more of an improvement for the same amount of $.

The only thing I'm not sure of is if there's an appreciable difference in IQ between the three bodies that use the 18MP sensor in these 3 cameras. If there is, I may consider buying the better IQ body.

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