Shooting the Venus transit tonight?

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Re: Shooting the Venus transit tonight?

celerondon wrote:


You waited too late to get started! Next time you should plan for that once in a lifetime event. There is a dual safety factor for solar photography that makes planning even more important. Your vision and equipment are at risk any time you allow direct sunlight to enter your lens.

I totally agree, but have to admit not being up on major solar events. I didn't even know about it until seeing a news report the day of. lol

These forums are a gold mine of information about that topic. Questions like yours have been asked dozens of times over the years. If you searched for terms like "solar", "Sun", "eclipse", or "transit" you would not even have to wait for replies.

Now I know. Being such an unusual discussion here it seems I didn't think there'd be much available. Guess I now fall into that category of wrongly not doing a search first. duh!

I prefer dedicated solar filters for solar photography. (Baader AstroSolar Safety Film) (Thousand Oaks Filters)

Your owls are great! It appears to be difficult to take a candid shot of those beautiful birds.

Thanks for the compliment, Don. They're very active here right now towards sunset w/several talking back & forth. Even perching in trees outside my windows & peering in! But still surprising that one let me walk up so close for the built-in flash. Definite motivator to get the 430EX II out!


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