Disapointed with E-PM1

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Disapointed with E-PM1

Its been a while since i posted, but thats because ive been but a lurker with really not much to complain about. Ive been pretty content using my d200, d60 and f20. I figured it was time to upgrade the f20 p&s to something more current and and the e-pm1 seemed to fit the bill perfectly on paper. p&s-ey enough to be a p&s and manual enough for me to get creative with. It hasnt been all roses though.

First off, i find all the images to be ..well, "fuzzy". Not just high iso, but even low iso outdoor in perfect light shots tend to have a sort of fuzzy/blurry quality to them. I even bought a panasonic 14mm 2.5 thinking that the kit lens was not cutting the mustard. It does a little bettr but not by much, and it has annoying distortion in the corners making framing people a real pain. anyone in the corners have elongated heads. I though m43 corrected for distortion in body. I guess not.

Other than that, its awesome.. but has defeated the primary purpose of any camera.
Honestly, my Fuji f20 meters a scene better than the oly does.

Ive invested more into the oly system than what a d5100 would cost me which comes with the same kit lens as my d60, the nikon 18-55vr which is much much sharper and has less distortion the either the oly kit lens or the pana 14 2.5.

Ive had the oly now for about three months and im a bit tired of it. Its saving grace is its size. olys sensor just cant seem to be able to capture fine detail. Even got myself a fl600 flash for times when i want more.... at this point it all becomes ridiculous as its no better than my d60 with sb800 when it comes to compactness.

Ive poured through the menu. pushed sharpening to +2. Even on PP, i have to work the image to make it look something that the lowly d60 produces in auto mode.

Question is... what now? Is my search for a compact camera all in vain?

I chose the oly over the canon s100 because everybody and just about everybody said the oly would be better. I havent tried the s100 but i cant imagine it performing any worse. At least it will fit in my pocket.

To be fair, images out fo the oly are a bit better than my sx230hs but only on subjects that fill the frame. on p&s type of scenes shooting from the hip, i honestly can say the images out of the canon are more appealing to casual user.

And yes i did switch IBIS off. Its come to the point that i have nothing turned on fearing thats whats causing my woes. Now ive been told that i need the super sharp pana leica to bring the most out of it. I agree its all about the lenses, i use the best nikon has to offer on my d200, but the the 18-55vr kit lens is not shabby by any means and i would expect olys kit lens to offer something similar in terms of performance.

This may sound more like a rant than me looking for advice, but trust me when i say ive treid it all and i cant seem to justify the oly over a low end dslr.

What im looking for is something else, ideas? Maybe the gx1?

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