One of my girlfriend...

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OP Osiris30 Senior Member • Posts: 2,804
Re: One of my girlfriend...

a) Don't disagree, was playing around with the light at the time and just liked the mood of this one.. and so did she.

b) Weird things happen with a camera lens lol.. not so much taking them off as pulling them down to show a little curve in the hip. Bear in mind this was far from a planned shoot, just goofing around more than anything, so there really was no concept at all going into it other than, "well, it's raining cats and dogs, and we've both seen everything the internet has to offer, wanna do something"


photocbe wrote:

Osiris30, I like the idea, but a) a little more light on her face would'nt hurt, and b) why is she taking her pants off?

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