Edge test, 7D,300 2.8mm ll vs. 300mm 2.8 l

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Edge test, 7D,300 2.8mm ll vs. 300mm 2.8 l

This time and the last time I shot the 300mm f2.8 ll vs. 300mm f2.8 IS. In an edge test. And all four corners are the same. So I picked one and cropped it to 100%.
With the 1.4x t.c. version 11

For me only, as a birder. Which I am.
At 4.0-4.5 the new one is slightly better.
At 5.0-5.6 the older 300 wins in my opinion?

Interesting with a little sharpening the old one at f4.0 and 4.5 is as good as the new one? Even with sharpening to the new one applied? WOW

Verdict for me as a birder.
Optically? on a 7D cropped body. Not worth the upgrade period.
Weight? worth it for a walk around lens.
OS? wroth it for a walk around lens.

And one more time I did this because I wanted to see if the 500 would be worth the upgrade.

Until I see tests and real life shooting, excluding the test sites.

Which I do not believe are valid? Strictly for selling lenses on there site. I believe anyway. Buying 3-4 lenses and testing and picking the best one to show is not my idea of accurate.

So for me only, the new 300 f2.8ll is not worth the upgrade. If on a mono pod or tripod. Hand held I think it is worth. You pay for the weight and IS only in my opinion.

Go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/avianphotos for all the photos from f4-f5.6 on both lenses.

What do you think? I am curious. Is it worth it or not?

All with best of 3 photos, mirror lock up, and 2 sec timer.

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