Lossy DNG over simple JPG...?

Started Jun 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
Don Glenn Contributing Member • Posts: 854
Re: Lossy DNG over simple JPG...?

I lossy DNG would be technically better than a JPG. Technically.

I don't like DNG. I don't think it is any better then RAW as far as long term support goes. By that I mean that I believe the support for the RAW file format for my old D30 will be the same as support for the DNG format that Adobe would create for that raw file. So, JPG's may be the better answer. They aren't as good technically, but I expect support to exist for much longer timeframe.

Now, my personal answer is to buy disk space for backups and local storage, and bandwidth for online backups. I will cull, but I haven't done that much. I have started to just keep the raw files. I used to create JPG's but then figured that isn't extremely useful right now.

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