Wireless woes: Radio trigger, receiver, or flash?

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Re: Wireless woes: Radio trigger, receiver, or flash?

Intermittent issues are always hard to fix.

Could be that the shape of the Maxxum is making radio reception work better - so the antenna issue could be real.

Alternatively - you may just have a "dry joint" (badly soldered connection) in the receiver and the Maxxum maybe works off a lower trigger voltage - so it's less affected?

Maybe the Yongnuo also has a dry joint in the hot-shoe circuit and you end up with a double-whammy - as you say - multiple problems.

Do the problems occur as soon as you switch on - or only after using the triggers for a while? If it's the latter then the dry-joint theory may have more weight. Sometimes you can cool things down just by using compressed air (you can buy cans for testing electronic circuitboards). Other culprits could be the DIP switches for the channel settings being dirty - electronic switch cleaner aerosol may help.

Also worth checking you have not set the NEX to a mode with a pre-flash - that's thrown me in the past (I use Pixel Soldiers and a SYK-3 with an old Olympus T20
and a Minolta HS5600D plus a couple of MagneFlash 57 units)...

Good luck with the testing!

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