Snsor size for Auto 110?

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Re: Snsor size for Auto 110?

ET2 wrote:

TheBees wrote:

why should they put up a camera to let you use old lenses they do not sell from ages? Q system lets them sell new lenses also...

Why? Because they could release new/better lenses in upcoming months and years -- as long as enough people were buying the bodies and using old lenses. The point would have been to to increase market share in the compact camera market.

and they thought, why not a new camera too? here's Q...

Sony released "Focus peaking" as firmware upgrade for nex 1,.5 years ago, as they realized people were using the cameras with old non-Sony manual focus lenses. Why would Sony do that? Why would they spend money on upgrading firmware for old cameras with a feature that people would use with non-Sony manual focus lenses? But that was great marketing move, as more bodies sold means people who bought the camera will eventually also buy Sony branded lenses someday ... More market share is never a bad idea.

I am not saying this is not a good idea for costumers, but is Sony getting any revenue from their photo departemnt? they are not.. and Pentax hasno other backup to keep money comming... it seems you are not considering that any new model implies a huge effort in money for planning ad especially for buying components...

Your logic is really short sighted. Basically you are trying to tell us that pentax should not do anything to increase market share if they also don't immediatly make money on lenses. That's short sighted and stupid marketing move. It would lead to failed product like Q. Why would Pentax release new lenses for Q ... when the camera body itself is not a big seller? Who will be buying these Q lenses?

That is not me, it is Pentax or Ricoh Imaging co. to better say it...

If you ask me, i think you could have your Q as you could get it now, but believe me, K01 would have been a very different beast, if it was up to me to draw it... well, they looked for a much cheaper designer and here what you get!!!

By the way, are you sure 110 lenses wouldn't fit Q, with an adapter?

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