Amazon just shipped my D800E today

Started Jun 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
Nikon Rob
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Re: Amazon just shipped my D800E today

I'm pretty sure Amazon has somehow been figuring out WHEN they'll be getting shipments of each model, just not how many. Their estimated ship dates seem to be coinciding with a batch of deliveries each time. Unfortunately, I believe they update EVERYONE's estimated ship date to the next shipment (or at least a lot more people than the number of cameras they get). So the people that ordered on Feb 6th like myself get updated to that ship date, but so do the people that ordered on April 6th. They could just be good at estimating the date by observing the interval between shipments (since their range of dates is pretty wide each time). Or they could have some sort of inside information. Either way I should be getting mine in 2-4 weeks.

OleManTx wrote:

I canceled mine yesterday because Best Buy got to the finish line first. I had ordered a week before my Best Buy order and received the same email saying Amazon estimated delivery between 6/22 and 7/12. How would Amazon know when our friend Henry says Nikon doesn't tell dealers anything, that cameras just show up at the door and that is the point when a dealer knows they have stock to fill orders!?!

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