I'm having an awful time deciding between Canon and Pentax

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Re: I'm having an awful time deciding between Canon and Pentax

1. I own Pentax lenses, so it would be a non brainer for me... prizes are more or less the same, Canon has a wider used market and an AF engine that is always better reviewed than Pentax one, on the other side Pentax let you shoot in any condition (weather sealing) and has the best IQ on market, actually. And with in body IS any old lens gets a new life, even if short good lenses from the past do not show their best anylonger on this actual sensors.

2. Lenses: DA 18 55 is referred to be a very good kit lens, DA 55 300 is the perfect matching for it: compact, lightweigth, good IQ, marginally dark, it has anything needed to work on film bodies too, and at some length / aperture vignetting is marginal...

Me for myself i decided for an F 24-50 instead of the 18 - 55 'cause i do shot film too and that's a good compromise. Still saving money for the DA 55 300...

3 Miscellaneuos: filters are useless in general, except a polarizer. A bigger one is more expensive but with a step down ring you'll be able to use it on any lens. A decent tripod makes much more use and widens your shooting possibilities. Don't be shy, i had one as a present ad it is a cheap one... worthless most of the times, spend those 150 € once in a while to get a strong firm one and you'll be ok forever...

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