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Alan Owen Humphreys New Member • Posts: 12
Re: Full Frame on the Cheap: 1DsII vs 5D Classic

I have been using the 1DsII as my primary camera for 3 years on a near-daily basis (I am a scientist that uses the camera for technical images). I find that in terms of image quality, DR and fliexibility of RAW files, it more than holds it's own to the more modern cameras that I have been using.

Things that I love about the camera:
Build quality
Bright viewfinder
Dual camera slots
Built in grip for portrait alignment
Battery life

The menu is really not a problem once you get used to it. For me, the main drawback is the amount of noise at high iso (above 1200), but if you are shooting on a tripod this is not a problem. The small screen and lack of Liveview for TSE lenses is also a pain, although one can work around this with an angle finder.

I live in Boston, so if you'd like to meet up and try this camera then PM me. I might be selling my camera soon as I am thinking about upgrading to the 1DX for high ISO work.

Alan Humphreys

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