I'm having an awful time deciding between Canon and Pentax

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I'm having an awful time deciding between Canon and Pentax

So I wrote out this brilliantly long series of questions to ask you concerning whether to get a canon or a pentax camera, specifically the Canon 60D vs the Pentax k-5. However, when I pressed post, I lost it all apparently because it never submitted, so you guys get the really cute Reader's Digest Version the second time around because I suffer form something commonly known as "lazy" syndrome.


So, from what I can see from these excellent reviews and assessments is that, basically, the K-5 wipes the floor with everything but Auto-focus and the amount of lenses; how accurate is this laymen's assessment of the two cameras?

Additionally, my shooting will be all over the place, I'll be shooting everything from some macro to landscape and everything in-between including dusty old churches with horrid lighting (People love pictures of baptisms and the like, plus it's good practice for whenever a wedding happens and I want to shoot). Based on this, I'll need a camera that can shoot everything , and well.

Lens-wise, I won't have much money for lenses, in fact I will probably not be able to expand past a kit lens + one other lens for a long time (couple months) since it takes that long to save up spare money as the money always ends up magically disappearing at the end of the month... I'd blame the dog but I think my siblings eat more. With that in mind, however, what lens would you recommend? I've heard excellent things about the Sigma 70-300 DG APO lens in terms of telephoto performance, image clarity and (most importantly) price. A lens that's only about $180 from Amazon is very appealing compared to some lenses that are over $400. (I honestly can't quite justify a lens that's half the price of my body quite yet)

I'm also interested in such misc. items such as UV/ND/GND filters. I'm almost certain I'll need a ND filter at some point, do you have any brands you would recommend? Flashes are another thing that I'm sure I'll eventually need in churches and the like, however considering the K-5's impressive ability to under expose without looking like something the dog dragged in I'm not terribly worried in that respect and so an external flash would be a low priority purchase. The 60D I'm a little more unsure of, especially how it performs as regards to pulling up the shadows and midtones in RAW to brighten the image from under-exposure up to usable lightness.

To recap (the tl;dr):

1. Cons and Pros of the K-5 vs 60D, did I get them right?
2. For an all-around DSLR which would you recommend and why?

3. What particular lens do you think I would be best served by getting if I could only get one lens + the kit lens?

4. Flash/Filters of all sorts. Any recommendations? (These are pretty low priority to me as of right now)

Thanks for reading and sorry for the very long "short" version! I just had a lot of clarification questions to ask.


(I copied and pasted this, let's see if it runs through this time...)

Canon EOS 60D Pentax K-5
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